The Studio

Conveniently located in the heart of Austin Texas, East Side Balance Pilates Studio offers the highest quality training and equipment at the most affordable prices in town, all in a unique and relaxed environment.

East Side Balance Austin Pilates studio was founded by Gary Ames and his partner Linda Dumont.

Our mission is to apply the health benefits of Pilates to improve your overall well-being and to counter the variety of physical strains you experience in your daily life.

Because each of us has a unique lifestyle, it's important to customize your Pilates exercise program to fit your needs.  Some of us are office workers, who spend much of our day at a desk or commuting in a car. Others are accomplished athletes and dancers, who spend hours in intensive physical training. And there are those of us who are new moms or retirees whose age, movements and surroundings put very different strains on our bodies. Over time, our environments can cause unique imbalances in the body that cause pain, discomfort or limited movement.

At East Side Balance Austin Pilates studio, we help identify the Pilates exercise movements that are ideal for helping you overcome your unique imbalances. Our instructors take you step-by-step through a combination of movements and exercises that are right for you - speeding you on your way to living a better, healthier and happier life. We offer a complete Pilates session each and every time.

Gary and Linda


Gary Ames:   Over 18 years certified Pilates instructor through D.K. Body Balancing U.N.L.V.  Training based on Joseph Pilates. Holistic Massage certification based on the work of Peter Ling. Ling and Pilates focused on the science of self-awareness through exercise and were part of the "La Belle Epoque"; the Beautiful Era" in Europe. This was a profound cultural revolution in health and well-being developed during 1900 to 1914. Study and application of Feldenkrais; "Awareness Through Movement", patterns to release the habitual movement patterns of the nervous system. National Council of Strength and Fitness certification for Personal Trainer. Buteyko breathing techniques to increase the ability to exercise at a higher level.

Linda Dumont:  Co-owner East Side Balance Pilates Studio.  Background in ballet and figure skating with over 16 years experience as a Pilates instructor with Gary Ames.